The ability to learn, and translate that learning into action swiftly, is our ultimate competitive advantage.


Our chairman – Mr. Esvinder Singh has steadily built the group, with sincerity and perseverance, laying highest emphasis on integrity, professionalism and innovation. The group continues to thrive and grow under the able guidance of the man who tirelessly provides us the direction as a true leader.


To transform every dream into reality, we uphold the vision of creating a resourceful market for our products, solutions and services. Our objective is to surpass our own records by employing new ideas and innovation in all our endeavors.


To satisfy customers with our high quality products and professionalism. As our customers grow and enter new markets, we grow and adapt to these new opportunities.


Our aim is to build long lasting bonds with the customers, vendors and employees, developing strong and mutually respected partnerships.

•    Relationship

For ES Group, the basic value that binds its partnerships together is the trust and transparency that the organization has built.

We value the continuous support & guidance of our customers and partners, that has helped us reach where we are today.

•    Customer Support

We believe customer is king. Backed by a countrywide sale and service network with support from regional offices we provide a comprehensive support system.

•    Mentoring

We are a group of like-minded techno – marketing individuals, working for a common objective, understanding and playing their parts responsibly. We help each other grow. It is this dedication that propels us to achieve what we strive for.

We Are Unstoppable

Harnessing our expertise of over 40 years, we launched a new brand – Deutsche® – inspired by the perfection of German technology and craftmanship. With a range of products designed to meet the highest quality standards and set a new benchmark in the industry.

As we step into this new phase of our journey, we strive to make Deutsche® an outstanding brand known for unmatched performance delivery and reliability. The brand has been received in the market with resounding success and is now has over 500 products available across the country.

Unleash The Power Within

Leonardo has been inspired by the lion’s regal bearing, confidence and charisma. It aspires to stand tall and lead from the front, unleashing the power within.

This new brand is an outcome of vast research, emerging ideas and strong entrepeneurial spirit. It provides innovative solutions in the universe of consumables for various modes of transport.


At Leonardo, we believe in ushering a range of products that help in better functioning, higher safety and longer service life of vehicles. All with an aim of building customer confidence and long lasting trust.

Keeping up with the ever evolving requirements of the automobile industry, the ES Group has recently launched the Elexander range of products specially designed for Electric Vehicles. These products have been developed using top of the line materials, reliable circuitry and are thoroughly tested for preformance.


Soon more products will be added under the Elexander portfolio as part of our commitment to keep upgrading with market demands.